Sweet Baby Jane

Pat is selling his house, and he hates it.  But he’s happy about his new TV show – “Uplate NW”.  Pat and Lisa share sweet memories of a dear friend and a radio collegue, Jane Shannon, who left this earth too soon.  And, Lisa talks about the anxiety of living alone.

Quince Flower

“You’ll be ok buddy, even if your mommy is not”



Songs in this episode:

Theme from “Shaft”—Issac Hayes

Excerpt of Kermit Apio
Excerpt of Ralph Porter
“Hey, Mr. D.J.” Bobby Moore
“DJ Memphis Joe” Dave Dudley
“Everybody’s Talkin'” Harry Nilsson
“Respect” Aretha Franklin
Exerpt from “I Am Fine” company
“Call Me’ Blondie
“He’s So Fine” The Chiffons
“A Change is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke
“Urgent” Foreigner
“Tara’s Theme” from ‘Gone With the Wind”

One Joke Over The Line

Pat worries about censoring his tried-and-true-jokes at an upcoming speech that he’s not getting paid for. Also, an emotional discussion about Cecil the Lion. And do you know what creature kills more humans than any other?


not funny


Songs in this episode:

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” from ‘Symphonic Rock Classics’ London Philharmonic Orchestra (BMG)

“Gilligan’s Island” theme
“Popeye” theme
“Thunder and Lightning” Chi Coltrane
“Young at Heart” Jimmy Durante
“Wouldn’t it be Nice” The Beach Boys
Music from “Superman” TV show
“Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” Barry White
“Rocket 88” Jackie Brensten with the Delta Cats and Ike Turner on the piano (1951)
“Tiny Bubbles” Don Ho
“Hello, Dolly!” Louis Armstrong
“Summer Rain” Johnny Rivers
“Swayin’ to the Music” (Slow Dancin’) Johnny Rivers

Eyes In The Back of Her Head

Pat decides he WILL in fact take Lisa’s dog when Lisa croaks. Pat discovers he can get more than pizza delivered to his house. And does a particular observation mean you’re a racist? Are men drivers worse than women drivers? Also, Lisa realizes she needs to shut up.


“I see YOU”



Songs in this episode:

“The 59th Street Bridge Song “(Feelin’ Groovy) Simon and Garfunkel
“Bridge Over Troubled Waters”
“Bridge…etc…” Senator Sam Ervin
“Mrs. Robinson” Simon and Garfunkel
“Sister Mary Elephant” Cheech and Chong
“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead
“Chinese Food” Allison Gold
“Little Deuce Coupe” Beach Boys
“Ahab the Arab” Ray Stevens
“Speedy Gonzales” Pat Boone
“Too Fat Polka” Arthur Godfrey
“The Honking Song” You Tube
“Honky Tonk Woman” The Rolling Stones
“I Shot the Sheriff” Eric Clapton
“Slow Down” The Loose Ends
“Straight to Hell” The Clash

We Bow to You Mr. Freberg

Pat and Lisa talk about “teasing” segments in radio, the biggest evil of radio, how radio ratings work. Also, Pat and Lisa remember the late great Stan Freburg in this special tribute episode.

stan freberg

                          Stan Freberg ~ 1926-2015


Songs in this episode:

Whole Lotta Love” King Curtis and the Kingpins
“Fools Rush In” Frank Sinatra
Excerpt from ‘The Phil Hendry Show”
“Rocking Chair” Hoagy Carmichael
“Colour My World” Chicago
“Fool on the Hill” The Beatles
“Carmen-Habernera” Georges Bizet
“Heartbreak Hotel” Stan Freberg
“Banana Boat” Stan Freberg
“Dragnet” Theme
“St. George and the Dragonet” Stan Freberg
“Today the Pits; Tomorrow the Wrinkles” (Sunsweet Pitted Prunes commercial—Stan Freberg
Excerpt from “The Fabulous Sports Babe” radio show
“Harlem Nocturne” Martin Denny
“John and Marsha” Stan Freberg

Goodbye Sweet Daisy

(Lisa is a bit off mic the first couple of minutes…but hang in there!) Pat talks about his dog Elliott’s nickname “SmellyButt”. And Lisa shares the sad passing of her cocker spaniel Daisy, and the terrible memorial gift she recieved. And find out why someone at Lisa’s hotel complained about her.

PawPrint Memorial

“Thanks for memorializing my dog’s fist…”



Songs in this episode:

Theme from “Quincy, M.E.”
“It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” John McCormick
“Instant Karma” John Lennon
“The Chicken Dance” Bob Kames
“Lick It” 20 Fingers
“Daisy a Day” Jud Strunk
“Burning Love” Elvis
“Someday my Prince Will Come” Disney’s ‘Snow White’
Scene from “The Bride of Frankenstein.”
“Hamster Love” Big Daddy, from Dr. Demento’s 30th Anniversary Collection
“Eye of the Tiger” Survivor
“Working 9 to 5” Dolly Parton

Let’s Work On Your Daddy Issues

In a meandering episode, Pat and Lisa ponder the randomness of life. Lisa has daddy issues, but can we really blame our parents for all our messed up choices? And Pat keeps making promises he cannot keep.

It's all your fault.

It’s all your fault.

Songs in this episode: 

“Do La Lay” Jesse Winchester
“Volcano” Presidents of the United States of America
“Luck of the Draw” Bonnie Raitt
Excerpt from “Lassie” TV show, 1950’s
“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” Dinah Shore
“It All Depends” Frank Sinatra
“Do It” Jesse Winchester
“In the Living Years” Mike and the Mechanics
“Handy Man” James Taylor
“The Wind Beneath My Wings” Bette Midler
Orkin TV commercial excerpt
“Happy Go Lively” from “Music for TV Dinners”, Laurie Johnson
“Rhumba Man” Jesse Winchester