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We Need to Take A Peek Under There

Lisa is outraged with the new TSA pat down procedures, and Pat shares some travel packing tips. Also, Pat talks about the time Katherine Hepburn got thrown out of a gift shop in his hometown. Pat had an opportunity that knocked only once, and it was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models he ALMOST got to see in person.


TSA Pat Down

“Welcome to the new TSA airport screening procedure.”


Songs in this episode:

“Up on the Roof” James Taylor

“Somebody’s Knocking'” Terri Gibbs
“Hazy Shade of Winter” Simon and Garfunkel
“Down by the Train” Dustin Kensrue
“The Weight” Aretha Franklin
“Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” Billy Joel
“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” James Brown
“You Want it Darker” Leonard Cohen
Theme from “St. Elsewhere”
Excerpt from “Treasure of Sierra Madre”
Excerpt from “The Beverly Hillbillies”
Excerpt from “The African Queen”
Excerpt from “Rooster Coburn”
Midnight at the Oasis” Maria Muldauer
“Mexico” James Taylor

The Great Late Debate

Pat addresses his struggle with being on time. Is it a psychological disorder? Lisa thinks she should be medicated all the time. And, “People Persons” rarely are.


late ugly



Songs in this episode:

“We’re In This Love Together” Al Jarreau
“The Blackball Ferry Line” Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters
“Ferry Cross the Mersey” Gerry and the Pacemakers
“Late Again” Stealers Wheel
“They’re Coming to Take Me Away” Napoleon XIV
“Me and My Shadow” Judy Garland
“Get to the Point” Acapella
“Smiling Faces” The Undisputed Truth
“What Kind of Fool am I?” Sammy Davis, Jr.
“Meat and Potato Man” Alan Jackson
Steve Allen “Man on the Street” excerpt
“Human Nature” Michael Jackson
“People” Barbra Streisand
“Entertainment Tonite” theme @1981
“Colonoscopy” Robert Klein
“Therapy” Mary J. Blige

Stop Dying Already

Pat and Lisa chronicle the list of celebs who have sadly already shuffled off this mortal coil early in 2017. And, should you even bother reading the book if you’ve already seen the movie?


Stan Boreson – you’ll be missed.



Songs in this episode:

“Bonita Applebaum” Tribe Called Quest
“Coldest Days of My Life” The Chi-Lites
“Spider in My Room” Barenaked Ladies
“Hamster Love” Big Daddy
“There’s Dog Hair in Everything I Do” Randi Breese
“Philodendron” Mundo Earwood
Excerpt from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (“Chuckles Bites the Dust”)
Excerpt from “Richard Diamond”
“Old Man” Neil Young
Excerpt from “High Flight” TV station sign-off poem
“Physical” Olivia Newton John
“Chicken Fat” Robert Preston (1961)
“The Squirrel Song” DMB Gamel
“Ben” Michael Jackson
Excerpt from 1950’s “The Jack LaLanne Show”
“Loch Lomond” Peter Hollens
“Dueling Banjos” from the motion picture “Deliverance”
Theme from the motion picture “The Exorcist”
Excerpt from the motion picture “Alien”
Theme from “Masterpiece Theatre”
Excerpt from “I, Claudius” Episode “Queen of Heaven”
“Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” unknown
Excerpt from “KING’s Clubhouse” KING TV
“I Just Don’t Look Good Naked” Stan Boreson
“Lawrence Welk Show” open
“Walking in a Winter Wonderland/Winter Underwear” Stan Boreson on “Lawrence
 Welk Show” 1957.

We Wanna Be Wrong

Pat shares some more of his “profound thoughts” with Lisa. And, as much as they hate to do it, Pat and Lisa talk about the current political climate and how to escape it. And what are you going to run away to and join now that the circus is closing?




Songs in this episode:

“Jungle Boogie” Kool and the Gang
“Dream On” Aerosmith
“Reefer Man” Cab Calloway
Excerpt from trailer “The Lady Killers” 1955
Excerpt from “The Golden Girls”
Vincent Price laughs
“Ring My Bell” Anita Ward
“I’m Your Captain” Grand Funk Railroad
Excerpt from Disney’s “Toby Tyler”
“Captain Kangaroo” theme
Excerpt from “The Banana Man” on “Captain Kangaroo.”

You Can Never Go Home

Pat and Lisa talk about driving in the snow. And, does your head get bigger as you age? Lisa takes issue with a Seahawks fan who blow off fireworks during the game in her neighborhood. Also, did Debbie Reynolds really die of a broken heart?


Songs in this episode:

“Betcha By Golly Wow” The Stylistics
“Chain Gang” Sam Cooke
“Snow Blind” Styx
“Changes” David Bowie
“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Robert Flack
“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Paul Anka
“Tutti Frutti” Pat Boone
“Bandwagon” R.E.M.
Excerpt from Debbie Reynolds on “Will and Grace” (Mommy Adler)
“Oh My Papa” Eddie Fisher
Debbie Reynolds performing at her 77th Birthday
Jerry Lewis concert, March 15, 2014
Theme from “The Sopranos”


Feel No Shame

Pat and Lisa wrap up the holiday season with peculiar observations on Christmas decor. Pat makes a new “friend” through some odd marketing strategy. And, Lisa gets shamed online by the “outrage mob” over an ill-advised (and misunderstood) social media post.


Songs in this episode:

“I’m on Fire” Bruce Springsteen
“Another Brick in the Wall” Pink Floyd
“Tacky” Weird Al Yankovic
“Free” Brood
Vintage 1960’s Kelloggs Sugar Frosted Flakes commercial excerpt
“Everything is Awesome” from Lego movie; Tegan and Sara
“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” Randy Newman
“Spill the Wine” Eric Burden and War
“On the Road Again” Willie Nelson
Excerpt from “Survivor” CBS
Excerpt from “Network” motion picture
Excerpt Infinity TV commercial
“Ain’t That a Shame” Fats Domino
“Words” the Bee Gees
“I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” Gayle Peevy