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Buzzed On The Buzz

Ever go to work hammered?  Pat and Lisa did. Pat pees in a bucket for a good cause, and Lisa lies about being pregnant.  Also, find out why Pat doesn’t watch sitcoms, EVER. Pat and Lisa argue about the TV show “Under The Dome”. And, find out what day you should stop shaving if you want to get the chicks.

Hey, I'm on break.

Hey, I’m on break.

Songs in this episode:

“Aurora, Part II” Jean-Luc Ponty
“My Cup Runneth Over” Jim Nabors
“Why Can’t We Be Friends?” War
“Drunk” Jimmy Liggins and his 3-D Music
“Woke Up This Morning” A 3 (Sopranos theme)
Theme from “The Fugitive
“Touch of Grey” The Grateful Dead
“Time is Tight” Booker T and the M.G.’s

You’re No Good

Pat gets dumped from a gig. Is the tooth fairy going bankrupt? And it’s far too much pressure to take care of other people’s children. Find out what happened when Pat was put in charge of watching his brothers.

Grab it!  I need the dough!

Grab it! I need the dough!


Songs in this episode:

“More Than One Way Home” Keb Mo
“You’re No Good” Linda Ronstadt
“All I Want for Christmas (is My Two Front Teeth” Spike Jones and his City Slickers.
Music from “Psycho” Bernard Herrmann
“It’s Over” Roy Orbison


Look Straight Ahead

Pat criticizes Lisa’s driving habits…. is there really a difference in the way men drive vs women? Pat decides to avoid turning into a hoarder, and find out how Lisa smuggled stolen candy out of a store. And Pat’s neighbor interrupts the podcast. Again.

Sorry.  I didn't see you.  I was looking straight ahead.

Sorry. I didn’t see you. I was looking straight ahead.


Songs in this episode:

“Green Onions” Booker T and the M.G.’s
“Desperado” Eagles”
“Candy” Big Maybelle
“Swimming” Florence and the Machine

Caulk Not Cock

Making music with your hands – it’s harder than you think.  Lisa has a “towel-y” smell in her bathroom, and she discusses the proper way to say “caulk”.  Are you hacked off by the music you hear in restaurants?  Pat is.


Look honey, I'm cocking!

Look honey, I’m cocking!