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Cover Your Balls If You Can

Pat and Lisa talk about the perils of skinny-dipping – and when should you wear a hoodie as pants? Also, find out what animal Lisa wants to kill – or not.


Stay away FISHIES!

Stay away FISHIES!


Songs in this episode:

“Summertime Summertime” The Jamies

“Hilarious…the Way We Talk” Louis C.K.
“Skinny Dippin'” Whitney Duncan
“To Know Him is to Love Him” The Teddy Bears
“Unforgettable” Dinah Washington
Various from “Themes from Classic Science Fiction, Fantasies and Horror Films” Vareese Sarabande (music label)
“The Day the Earth Stood Still” soundtrack
Randy Quaid from “Christmas Vacation”
Superman end theme (from TV series)
“Yesterday” The Beatles
“Answer Me, My Love” Nat King Cole
“Georgia on my Mind” Ray Charles
“In Dreams” Roy Orbison

Shut Your Honker Up

Pat and Lisa have had it up to HERE with Seattle traffic  (Seattle ranks 8th worst in the nation!) so Pat is moving to the woods. And, find out what annoys Pat and Lisa about funerals.  Also, time to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Pat gives Lisa another religion training session!






Songs in this episode:

Edie Gorme “Amor”

Johnny Rivers “Poor Side of Town”
Ohio Players “Love Roller Coaster”
Doobie Brothers “Jesus is just Alright”
Dusty Springield “Son of a Preacher Man”
Ray Stevens “Everyone is Beautiful”
Jimmy Durante “Young at Heart”