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Sports and Snorts

Whoody – hoo!  The “Big Game” is coming and Pat and Lisa “tackle” the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl and even the Lingerie Bowl. Oh, and there’s beer too.  Beer.  Yum.

Pics and stuff


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Extreme Weather

Pat and Lisa talk about Seattle’s extreme weather, extreme reporting and extreme videos. Learn more about the “Reign of Terror”, trusses, and stuff you had no idea you would be interested in!

Pics and stuff

Watch King 5’s Meg Coyle get verbally abused:


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Pat and Lisa are BACK!

Our first podcast – with noodles! YUM!!!

Listen in as we get up and running with our new podcast endeavor and relive our last days of radio (yeah, it was awhile back…)

It’s lovin’ time!

Opening credits…

Peculiar Podcast’s stellar opening conceived and produced by Chris Cashman – check out Chris’s website!